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The Voyage

Getting to the vessel
There are various possibilities from Singapore and Malaysia to join the vessel depending on the voyage schedule. To Tioman Island we recommend the daily fast ferry transfer from Singapore which departs 0730hrs from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore and arrive Tioman Island about 1230hrs. Your trip may also require you to come via land or ferry through Sebana Cove, Mersing Port, Endau Jetty or Kuantan Port in Malaysia to be transferred to the vessel. There are also flights available to these destination..

Visa is mostly not required however please check with your travel agent to be sure. Your passport must be at least valid for 6 months upon arrival.

Time difference
Singapore / Malaysia GMT +8

1 US $ = about 3.8 Malaysian Ringgit (RM)

On board the “Mata Ikan” English are spoken. Malay is spoken in the Malaysian Islands. Thai language in Thailand however English is also widely used.

Health, vaccinations and safety
All participants must be in good general health and condition. You must be able to enter the tender boat, use the boat steps and also step ashore (wet landings!) Tropical diseases are rare to unknown in these islands. Please consult your doctor or medical center for the latest information for possible vaccinations.

The islands are quite developed destination. It is generally safe and thefts are very rare.



Preparing your Mata Ikan voyage:
Please remember that you may only bring 20 Kg of luggage (excluding hand luggage) if you are coming by flight or fast ferry. Clothing on board the “Mata Ikan” is causal and we suggest shorts, T-shirts, a long pairs of trousers for excursions, a sweater for cool nights, including waterproof jacket.

For the land excursions you will need proper walking shoes with a good profile (sport shoes), bathing suits and snorkel gears (also available on board). Protect yourself from sunburns and bring a hat and sun lotion.

You are entering a protected Marine Park
Many of these islands are part of the protected Marine Park. The following ground rules have to be followed. Not following the rules can lead to severe penalties!
- It is prohibited to disturb the marine life, it is not permitted to take or remove corals, stones, shells and other marine inhabitants.
- Spear fishing is a serious offence
- Do not litter into the sea, there are garbage containers onboard
- No collection of artefacts from wrecks and other underwater structures.

220 Volt / European connections.
Our American guest will need an adapter for 110 Volt and a special connection (from US to European standards).

Telephone and fax
On Mata Ikan it is only possible to make a phone call using our satellite phone system. Fax cannot be send however contact can also be make through various countries radio station to be connected through our Single Band Radio. Many hand phones can still receive signals while near the islands.

Changes in the itinerary
The Master and divemaster of Mata Ikan has the right to change the itinerary if weather conditions, nautical and technical difficulties or instructions from the respective authorities forces us to do so.

If we have to change the itinerary, we will do our best to offer a proper alternative that corresponds as much as possible with the original booked itinerary. With your reservation you accept possible changes. These changes can never be ground for claims or reimbursements.

In case of force situations, strikes, war etc. Mata Ikan has the right to cancel departures, without being held responsible.

Customised Itinerary
The “Mata Ikan” will offer voyages from 3 to 14 days. From 1st March till 30th November 2004 voyages will start and end in the Malaysia East Coast or Singapore. From December till end February the vessel will be operating in the West Coast and the Andaman Sea.

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