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Underwater Training
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  Explorer Course (UEC)
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  Underwater Video & Filming
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  Expedition Diving
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Underwater Adventure Quests

Jaws for Real

Great White Sharks – JAWS for Real
I felt my blood freeze. Whether it was due to the cold water or fear
l could not tell...

The Trang Islands Thailand - The Trang Islands
Breath-taking scenary, wrecks and interesting caves...
Komodo Island Overland - Komodo Island, Indonesia
The Komodo Island in Indonesia is world renounce for her Komodo Dragons or giant monitor lizards (Varanus komodoensis)
Bubbles of the Deep

This takes us down to a deep crater almost 300 feet deep in the ocean floor.
The Anambas Island Lost in Time – The Anambas Island
The Anambas are a group of islands in the South China Sea,
nestled midway between Singapore and the oil-rich Natunas Archipelago...
Ginnie's Spring Cave Diving In Ginnie’s Springs
Ginnie's Springs is probably the starting point for many
cave divers...
Dive Zenobia Project Cyprus – Dive Zenobia Project
Sunk off Cyprus in 1980 after problems with her computer-controlled ballast system, and lying in 42m of water, the unsalvaged ferryboat Zenobia, with her complement of 108 variously-loaded articulated lorries, is the island's biggest draw for wreck divers...
Sea Cave Project - Thailand Sea Cave Project - Thailand
This pioneer project to document and produce a short promotional video was at Phang Nga Bay in South Thailand...
HMS Repulse HMS Repulse
The Repulse is on her starboard side in about 55m of water, with the decks at about 30-35 degrees of angle.
Phi Phi islands The Phi Phi Islands
The alluring beauty of the two islands of Koh Phi Phi (Don and Leh) is difficult to describe. However this has become some kind of a curse, as despite their national park status, developers have encroached to cash in on tourism.
Mermaid of the river The Mermaid of the River
The West Indian manatee was discovered in the 1500s by Spanish explorers that hunted them for their meat, hide, and oils.

Project Reports
See Expedition Log

The Cloth Wreck Dive Expedition

Japanese Transport Ship - Totsutori Maru Dive Expedition

The Minnex Cave of Ipoh, Malaysia
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