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Artefacts Fish Eye Project has a historical section to provide consulting and project management services for all aspects of work involving historical shipwrecks. Operations have since been expanded to include joint-venture projects and direct participation with regional Governments. Search and recovery services are now also offered for more recent wrecks, such as those lost during World War II.

Operation and Business Director, Mr. Michael Lim, has 15 years of experience in diving, surveying and researching of ancient shipwrecks.

Fish Eye Project has ongoing shipwreck projects in Indonesia and Malaysia. These projects are undertaken in conjunction with local partners, and comply with all Government licensing requirements.

Work in these countries is weather dependent, and field operations are not necessarily carried out during every available weather window.
Consequently the company can continue to offer consultancy and project management services, and/or joint-venture participation to other companies or individuals involved in legitimate shipwreck activities worldwide.

More Artefacts.. Through the experience and multi-disciplinary qualifications of the Managing Director, investors, partnerships, and a pool of professional personnel, Fish Eye Project can genuinely offer the following wide range of services and has the track record to prove it.

For more details see:
Michael Lim Professional Assessment


- Research
- Financing
- Licensing
- Electronic Survey
- Wreck Assessment
- Engineering
- Vessel and Equipment Mobilisation
- Salvage / Excavation
- Conservation
- On-Site Documentation
- Post-Project Research
- Reporting / Publication
- Marketing
M V Mata Ikan

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