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Underwater Training
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Underwater Digital Video Course

Included in the Curriculum:

• Camera Features
• Housing Features
• Underwater Video Principles
• Handling and Basic Shooting
• Technique

• Video Creation

Pre-Production: Story Line Creation/Storyboarding
Production: Lighting/Sound/Talent/Sound
Post Production: Insert versus In-camera Edit
Final Production: CD/DVD/Computer

Creating underwater videos and digital images are fast becoming a popular undertaking by leisure divers and an integral part of making adventure video production today.

Our classes are small (6 students per instructor) to insure your hands-on personal instruction. If you want to learn the basics, become an aware consumer before purchasing your own video system, have an opportunity to use our state of the art housing and cameras, or to improve your future productions with your own equipment, this course is for you!

Camera selection and features are very wide so we will focus on the most popular formats. Today’s professional/consumer level cameras combine into a small hand held camera features that only were available in monster size studio television cameras a few years ago.
Video housings are also constantly changing to accommodate the newest cameras. F-stops, exposures, white balance, buoyancy, and accessory compatibility are some of the basic principles that we will review in this course. Your understanding of these topics is essential to create fast-paced enjoyable productions that will fascinate your audience.

Producing quality videos also requires a good knowledge of composition, lighting, modeling and diving techniques. These items and many more will be addressed with your personal instructor and licensed dive guide and you will be making great videos in no time.

Video creation requires more than the use of the “on” and “off” button. Video requires lots of planning, shooting and editing to create an appealing, interesting product. You will want to experience all of the steps to video creation. Our production team with years of experience as an expedition and underwater video making company, will guide you through the steps that create great video images.

The curriculum will include: preproduction theme, storyboarding, production lighting, sound talent/modeling, and post production editing on a G-4 Macintosh Computer. We guarantee that you will return home with a finished product video of the most amazing underwater show.

Field trip consisting of live aboard or dive location ideal for filming purposes where you’re diving, shooting and practicing many other techniques.

You will become familiar with equipment and practice failsafe techniques in an environment that is unmatched when it comes to the natural under-water film sets.

Join our underwater expedition team now.




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